Public Forum

The Public Forum was held on October 6 & 7, 2022. A recording of the forum is forthcoming.

October 6 & 7, 2022

(All times are Eastern Daylight Time)

TimeThursday, Oct. 6, 2022TimeFriday, Oct. 7, 2022
11:00Introduction to SAFE11:00Day 1 Recap
11:25Identifying Components of Autism-Friendly Healthcare
Belinda O’Hagan
11:25Evidence-Based Strategies for Supporting Youth in Medical Settings
Alec Bernstein & Holly Harris
11:45Q & A11:45Q & A
12:00Public Testimony
Mary Anne Hammond
Beth Dehoff
Lina Patel
12:00Public Testimony
Emma Bouza
Marty Skemp Brown
Katie Sullenbrand
12:20Q & A12:20Q & A
12:45Public Testimony
Shayla Sullivant
Natalie Monfort
Deepa Menon
12:45Public Testimony
Syma Khan
Kristen Coffey & Theresa McCarthy
Tamara Rosen
1:05Q & A1:05Q & A
1:20Public Testimony
Hari Srinivasan
Donnie Denome
1:20Public Testimony
Bethany Ziss
Adnan Qadeer
Sean Inderbitzen
1:40Q & A1:40Q & A
2:25Public Testimony
Kathleen Williamson
2:35Public Testimony
Clarissa Kripke
2:35Q & A2:45Public Testimony
Nasuh Malas
David Childers
Julianna Rava
2:45Public Testimony
Matt Snell
Alex Friedman
Jenni Gretzema
3:05Q & A
3:05Q & A3:20Break
3:20Break3:30Public Testimony
Ellen Bannister
3:30Public Testimony
Patrick Forgey
3:50Q & A
3:40Q & A4:00Public Testimony
Alice Zhang
Kashia Rosenau
Lauren Frederick
3:50Public Testimony
Doreen Bestolarides
Janet Shouse
Shannon Rosa
4:20Q & A
4:10Q & A4:35Q & A with Bethany Ziss & Clarissa Kripke
4:25Public Testimony
Jo Dienst
Rachel Santiago
Bob Williams
5:00End of Day
4:45Q & A
5:00End of Day